600 Quotes of Ancient Philosophy - Plato, Aristoteles, Buddha, Epictetus, Confucius & Marcus Aurelius

600 Quotes of Ancient Philosophy


  • Release Date: 2017-09-01
  • Genre: Sciences
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Ancient philosophy provides us with timeless wisdom while bringing a new light on the way modern thought has been shaped by building on the ancient masters. This audiobook is a careful compilation of essential quotes summarizing each one of the great masters' fundamental ideas.

Learn Stoicism from the teachings of both Marcus Aurelius, the emperor, and Epictetus the slave, each one intent on his own quest for the best possible life; discover the essence of ideas, logic and philosophy with Aristotle and his pupil Plato; open wide the gates of oriental philosophy with the masters of Zen enlightenment, Confucius and Gautama Buddha. Taken from immortal works, these excerpts will add to your culture and inspire you on the road of your own self-improvement.