Leading Exponential Change: Go Beyond Agile and Scrum to Run Even Better Business Transformations (Unabridged) - Erich R Bühler

Leading Exponential Change: Go Beyond Agile and Scrum to Run Even Better Business Transformations (Unabridged)


  • Release Date: 2019-05-17
  • Genre: Affaires
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Leading Exponential Change (Second Edition) unveils the secrets of enterprise Agility.

If you are an Agile consultant, you already know that the way change is managed in companies has changed.

Over the past few years, organizations have tried to adapt to relentless market innovations using traditional or agile ways. Artificial intelligence, Big Data, short work cycles, increasingly connected people, and new mindsets have made disruptive change the only ongoing thing. Many organizations have attempted to use frameworks such as Scrum, SAFe, Less, or mindsets such as Lean, SixSigma, or Agile to cope with the new reality: the exponential acceleration of change is affecting everyone and everything. However, human beings are not physiologically prepared for constant alterations in processes, roles, and ways of working.

As a result of this, experienced consultants find endless obstacles and great resistance when it comes to expanding new ideas or concepts to the rest of the organization (Enterprise Agility).

Leading Exponential Change begins by showing that new techniques are required to manage change, and explains extensively the differences between Agile and Enterprise/Business Agility. The book gives birth to new paradigms, practices, and tools for change management, which allow from day one to seek new solutions to create a more responsive company. Additionally, it covers areas related to innovation, agile software development, psychology, Enterprise Agility, group management, and neuroscience, to provide the listener with advanced tools to accelerate change.

Each chapter contains dozens of examples and real stories, and four independent consultants have included their stories to provide better insights.
Carlton Nettleton (USA), Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach Claudia Patricia Salas (Spain), Expert in Human Resources Sebastian Vettel (Germany), Innovation Expert Stefan Sohnchen (New Zealand), Agile Coach
Finally, Leading Exponential Change offers two change frameworks to increase Enterprise Agility. The first one (ELSA) is oriented to friendly environments with people prone to change. The second (DeLTA), is designed to manage change in companies with hostile work environments. This book is essential listening for change professionals who require advanced tools to lead a successful business transformation.